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Griffith Observatory: An Unforgettable Experience

Griffith Observatory in Los AngelesDid you know Griffith Observatory is one of Los Angeles’s most iconic landmarks? This historic landmark has been a staple in Griffith Park for decades, and it’s worth the trip to take in all the amazing views from up on high. The observatory was founded by Griffith J. Griffith in 1935, and since then it has become an international destination for people who love astronomy and science. It’s ranked as one of the best free attractions that Southern California offers!

Best things to do at Griffith Observatory:

– Griffith Observatory offers a variety of exhibits that let you learn about the solar system, our galaxy and other amazing facts about space.

– Take in an informative exhibit on California as it relates to geography, geology, flora and fauna.

– Check out their expansive collection of antique scientific instruments which includes telescopes from all over the world!

So come visit Griffith Observatory for a one of kind experience unlike any other! You won’t regret it when you take in all these sights up close. It’s time to head out west towards Griffith Park to see what Griffith has in store for us today!

When to visit the observatory?

As with any other Griffith Observatory, our Griffith Observatory is open every day of the year from 12 pm – 11pm. Our hours might change depending on season and holidays! However we recommend that you visit Griffith Observatory when it’s not too hot or cold outside for the best viewing experience.

Check out all of these steps to get ready for your trip:

– Bring a warm sweater in case it gets chilly up high at night. This will also come in handy if Griffith Park closes early due to inclement weather conditions. The observatory can be very windy so dress accordingly before visiting Griffith as well! – We highly suggest coming during daylight hours since some telescopes are only accessible after dark and require an additional fee once inside.

Where is it located in Los Angeles?

Griffith Observatory is located in Griffith Park, Los Angeles.

What are some things you can do while there?

Griffith Observatory’s exhibits include the Foucault Pendulum that swings over 600 feet high and a planetarium with full-dome digital projections for an even more immersive experience!

How much does it cost to visit Griffith Observatory? The admission fee is $12 per person or $20 per family of four but if you’re visiting on select dates from January through March then this will be free courtesy of MOCA’s Art + Film program.

Are kids allowed at Griffith Observatory too? Yes, children under 12 years old are welcome as long as they’re accompanied by an adult guardian.

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